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The next plug-in

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The next plug-in

What sort of plug-in would you like me to develop next? I can't guarantee that I will fulfil every request, but your ideas are very welcome. 

Dmitry (not verified):

Цифровой ревербератор, не импульсный, с большим количеством кнопок :) А еще мне не хватает глитчэффектора, наподобие illformed, но совершеннее и на 64-ю ось..

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Реверберация - это, к сожалению, пока область, в которой я нахожусь в роли догоняющего. 
Мой следующий плагин будет иметь как минимум простой алгоритмический ревербератор, а как максимум - алгоритмический же пружинный. Если получится хорошо, обязательно сделаю отдельный эффект на его основе.

Про глитч ничего сказать, увы, не могу - не занимался.


any chance the above posts can be translated so requests aren't duplicated?

Also, just wanted to say how great the SoftDrive GV is!


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he asked for an algorithmic digital reverb with a lot of tweakable parameters and also for a glitch effect, similar to "illformed" but more advanced and with 64-bit support.

My reply was that my next amp sim plug-in is going to have an algorithmic spring reverb and if turns out successful, I'll probably make a dedicated plug-in out of the same model.

Unfortunately I doubt I'm going to work on glitch effects any time soon.


Thanks :)


firstly I should thank you. I've been regularly using your plugins now and there in quite some projects. I like your stylish sci-fi design of GUI(charbooster) and even the new Fender plug with more traditional interface greatly please my eyes:)I also like the fact that you are upping the game with basically keep the great work.
So, now it's time for my tip/suggestion. I know that you will do whatever your heart desire, but if i could hand you a suggestion it would be this. There is no proper clean/slighty crunchy/vintagey amps on the freeware market. Maybe it's the genre of music I do, but i find all the amps way to hi-gainy for me. So I'm forced to play all the amp sims with gain set basically at zero, and the minute you turn the gain to lets say halfway it absolute
gain madness for me:)The only plug it comes close to my liking is free CaliforniaSun set on clean channel, but the problem is, that thing got only one sound only without any range in distortion/saturation.Your fender frontamp emu was much more usable for me and it was the step forward, but I find the top end somewhat thin and glossy sounding.
Since I love the tape n tube saturation from charbooster, with kinda muffled crispy top end, i think it would be a great base for building some sort of vintage amp sim.Think kind of full-bodied bassy guitar amp that goes crispy when drived hard, but not absolutely hi gain.I am aware that I may sound picky but who cares:)

I chose to write this only because you're one of the most active and prominent indie amp developer.
Cheers, Jure

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Hi Jure,

thanks a lot for a very detailed post. It all makes sense so me, and I agree with you that there are much more good high-gain amp sims out there rather than clean and vintage ones. Even though I care more about high-gain tones myself, I really think that there are enough of those amps already. So I've got a list of a less popular stuff I'd like to model at some point, so there's probably gonna be something interesting for you as well. 

Unfortunately, I'm swamped with some real-life stuff at the moment, so it's going to be a while before I get to do any new plug-ins. But there's gonna be something for this year's KVR developer challenge :)


Bobby Smith (not verified):


You have any plans on making a amp sim
on the schematics of the Supro Thunderbolt?

guitar delay pedals (not verified):

Just want to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is simply excellent and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the enjoyable work.

Aaron Smith (not verified):

You work is really so good, please could you put out a memory man or other cool guitar delay type pedal. even a copycat or spiring reverb would be good also.

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Thanks. Interestingly, an analog-style delay effect was the first VST I ever did (it wasn't released or even finished). Doing a model of the pedals you mention is tricky: I don't own any of them and if I go by schematic alone I will end up with an ideal digital delay I suppose. Though that's an area I'd like to explore when I have time or when I come across some well recorded samples of those effects.


need one more high-gain amp coz i like Flextron alot and need moooaaar :) or may be... detailed cabinet emulation with mics.

Anonymous (not verified):

Please, make VST simulator Rockman Tom Scholz X100. Thanks.

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Hmm, I had a look at the device (never heard of the whole Rockman line before). Looks very interesting and I am curious to hear how it sounds. Can't commit to making it at the moment, but it may happen someday. Thanks for pointing me at it.

Admiral Bongo (not verified):

Привет, учитывая то, что ты делал Flextron, базирующийся на Crate Flexwave, не заинтересовало бы тебя сделать эмуляцию Ampeg VH-140C/VH-150 или Crate GX-130C (вообще, это один и тот же усилитель, только тонстак разный)? Достаточно культовые в среде дэт метала и сладжа хай гейн головы, которые, кстати, являются дальними предками Flexwave (только звучат пожирнее в разы). По сути, это 5150 среди транзисторных.

Даже думаю, что если бы ты захотел сделать плагин умеренно-платным и хорошо оформил интерфейс, то он бы немалой популярностью пользовался.

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Действительно, GX-130 сделать было бы нетрудно - идеи там все те же, что и в их других усилителях. Они в общем все похожи, если разделить на до/после FlexWave.

Платные плагины делать неудобно - надо хотя бы минимально защищать от копирования, выдумывать платежную систему, и т.д. Проще бесплатно раздавать :)

Christian (not verified):

Hell yeah bro, please do a Crate GX-130C!
Would love to death to have this in plugin... i hope you didnt stopped in making amps, i prefer your plugins much more than all the bs out there!
Maybe you can do a Crate GX900H instead?
Cheers and all the best!

Christian (not verified):

Hey bro, i am a BIG fan of the AXP Flextron, you are the only developer that made a Crate amp in plugin form, it sounds fantastic, i was able to recreate Death metal tones from the 90´s and all in between, i was tired of the same crap of always, devs making 5150, Mesa amps, Marshall, etc... finally someone who makes underground amps!
My idea for you is to keep making those not so known amps, maybe a Marshall MF-350, Laney GH100L, and maybe another Crate amp or something of the sort!
I am willing to support you by paying or whatever, you deserve it.

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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. Indeed there are many interesting pieces of gear worth replicating and preserving in digital history.

Another solid state "metal" amp that I'm personally curious about is H&K Vortex.

Christian (not verified):

Hell yeah bro, do it, i would love to test more of your amps, i always go back to the Flextron, it sounds so raw and real, loving what you did, maybe in the future you could update the GUI to look more like an actual Crate amp? it would be awesome to do that too... damn i have so many ideas haha cheers bro.

Dominic Mcsweeney (not verified):

Dude yes... Laney.... GH100L would be sweet, but something older would also be cool - like Toni Iommi's old amps in the 70s - I dream of that happening!

Dominic Mcsweeney (not verified):

Dude yes... Laney.... GH100L would be sweet, but something older would also be cool - like Toni Iommi's old amps in the 70s - I dream of that happening!

Dominic Mcsweeney (not verified):

I would also love a Laney GH100L and also something older would also be cool - like Toni Iommi's old amps in the 70s - I dream of that happening!

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Got it, thanks for the suggestion. It's a fully tube amp as far as I can see. I plan to soon make a model of Randall RG50TC, which I have here. That would allow me to tune and prove the algorithms. Afterwards it would be easier to approach all other tube amps.

Dominic Mcsweeney:

Awesome to hear about that! Thanks!!

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