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Now for the praise.

Now for the praise.


Wow, what a great job on Flextron. A complete amp Sim solution with a nice twist on the UI. I have been searching for a nice slight break up tone without the underlying white noise. Its getting better all the time and you sir among the leaders in this area. Funny, it seems that the best guys at this are the small developers. And curiously enough all use SPICE. The big boys are still lagging behind.
The spring reverb is very realistic as are the cab Sims. For some one who spends most of the time using headphones, the ambience feature is really pleasing.
I like that it is an amp all its own without try to name drop or imitate. The change from drive to lead is perfect. The shape control allows a little more focus without completely changing your sound.
I can't thank you enough for this. It has everything I need and only a few things I don't but you gave me an off switch for those I dont. Thanks again.

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I know it's old, but thank you very much!

SPICE is a common and industry-standard solution for circuit analysis. The trick is how to get something similar working in realtime.

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