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Latest updates

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SoftDrive GV

SoftDrive GV is a virtual-analog model of the Marshall "Guv'nor" and "Guv'nor GV-2 Plus" guitar distortion effects. The Guv'nor is a solid-state distortion pedal first issued in 1989 to recreate the sound of a cranked up Marshall stack in a small stomp-box format. SoftDrive GV expands on the original design and brings in new possibilities unthinkable of outside of the digital realm.

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Here's a funny thing I've done. I've run a short riff through SPICE circuit simulator of an amp I'm working on and then the same riff through my VST plug-in. Can you spot the difference? 

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Status update

The new plug-in has entered the closed beta testing stage. As soon as we identify and iron-out any major flaws, I'll be ready to annouce its release. Hopefully it will happen in a week or two. 

Meanwhile I've started working on another one, and thanks to the tools I've developed recently I was able to complete 3/4 of the DSP code in less than two weeks. There's only a single stage left to be modeled and then I'll start working on a GUI. I've already got a nice idea and it won't be like anything I did so far.


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Another teaser

Here's another teaser of the upcoming distortion plugin just to let you all know I'm still here. Perfecting a plugin takes a lot of time! The DSP part is now completed, there's just some minor GUI work left. I've also done the first optimization pass and was able to reduce the CPU consumption 10-fold compared to my initial model. I've got some ideas on how to gain about 2x extra performace increase, but I'll leave that to the post-release work. 

Read the full post to hear the sound sample!

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News update

I've been silent for a while, because I'm spending all my available time on a new effect. I'm coming up with a new modeling algorithm, far more detailed than what I've used so far. I think it pretty closely models the mixed frequency-dependent/nonlinear behavior of the real circuits rather than breaking them up into separate linear filter/static nonlinearity chains.

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Charbooster "mode" knobs

I've received a few questions how to operate the character and saturation mode switches.

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Welcome to the blog

Since I've started publishing my work, I was able to sustain the one release per month schedule. This month I'm launching this site to help me stay connected with the users of my software. I'm going to provide news and updates here, and also try to share a bit of my internal thought behind the stuff that I make. I'm always open for discussion, so if you've got some cool ideas for the site, or even for the plugins, feel free to share the on the forums.

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CharBooster is a composite overdrive effect tailored specifically to be used as booster in front of any virtual amplifier model. It essentially consists of a pre-emphasis filter section designed to provide a variation of voicings for your instrument followed by a saturation circuit that excites the signal with harmonics while still being as transparent as possible. The UI is not trying to look like a hardware stomp box but rather has a range of meters and scopes to provide an insight on what is going on with your signal.



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