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    My name is Alexander Petrov-Savchenko and this is my personal website dedicated to the software audio effects. Currently I'm employed as a software engineer in a large international company, but in my spare time I do my own research in the digital audio field. My interest in digital signal processing began back in my university days and was a natural extension of my hobbies - music, electric guitar, programming and my math backgroud. Prior to exploring the digital sound domain, I've been making custom guitar stompboxes, so faithful modeling of analogue equipment is one of my primary goals.

    I've been researching different DSP techniques and their applications to musical effects for quite a while, but I have never publicly released any of my works. This changed when I've discovered that KVR Audio forum is holding a so-called developer challenge - an open competition of audio software developers with community-driven prize fund and voting system. I decided to enter the contest with the alogorithm I've been working on at the time, so the SoftAmp 3OD VST plug-in was born. I didn't win anything, but I've received an invaluable experience and a ton of very positive feedback. That was the turning point for me and now I'm set to release all the stuff I make. Everything on this site is available for free and the plan is to keep it like this.

    If you like my software and would like to support the development, you can use the donation link on the right. I would use this money to pay for a better site hosting, easier to maintain for me and faster for you.

    Apart from music and programming, I enjoy playing World of Warcraft and travelling around the world. I was born and currently live in Saint-Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia with my wife and my dog.