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Site downtime

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Site downtime

Phew, the SoftAmp is up and running again.

SoftDrive GV turned out to be so popular I've ran out of my site's monthly bandwidth in one week! And that's web pages alone, as the downloadable content is hosted elsewhere. I had to upgrade to a paid plan which means a few things...

  • The site will run faster from now on
  • I will be finally able to implement new features, like e-mail notifications, better spam protection (no more premoderated comments!)
  • I will also be able to host downloadable content here, so no more Dropbox links.
  • I will have to pay for the site

Since this site is not generating any revenue and everything I do here is completely free I kindly ask you to donate a few dollars if you can. It will help me to support the site and further development.






etolkien (not verified):

People like you, Le Pou, Onqel and all the other little & nice developers...makes me keep the faith in human beign. Gooood job man!
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And feedback like this is what keeps me going. Thanks!

arizt van java (not verified):

thanks for share brother, nice info and i like.... :)

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