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Charbooster "mode" knobs

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Charbooster "mode" knobs

I've received a few questions how to operate the character and saturation mode switches.

The combined knobs are operated with left and right mouse buttons, just as in SoftAmp 3OD - hold the button, drag up or down. However with the mode LEDs it's obviously not intuitive enogh. Now on a second thought I agree that my concept was a sacrifice of usability in favour of a fancy design. In the next version I'm going to introduce a change to how this control operates. In addition to "rotating" the current mode, you'll be able to just directly click on the mode LED to switch to it.



cuba (not verified):


Gabe (not verified):

This effect is awesome. I put this on vocals and use the presence preset and it sounds great.
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Thanks! Probably I should make more non-guitar oriented presets next time.

Dux (not verified):

Thank you so much for all your distortion plugins! I think they are top of the line and use them a lot for everything but guitars. LOL Direct clicking to change the modes is a great idea. The first time I used the plugin [and your other plugins] I tried to press them directly intuitively, but it didn't work. ;) Then I saw the mouse drawing... :)
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Thank you for kind words! I'm glad you like my plugins. There's a new one coming up very soon. Hopefully its UI is going be more intuitive.

sicker (not verified):

hardcore!! thx for work

David (not verified):

Yes, clicking the LED, better. And even when the rotate thing is understood, it still seems weird, because my brain keeps seeing the mode list as just a vertical list rather than points on a circle and so I expect dragging UP to move UP through the list (warm up to shrill), but of course dragging UP moves 'clockwise' through the list! Beautiful plugin by the way. Cheers.

Steven (not verified):

Awesome plugin. I put it right before my bx_bassdude sim. I'm glad I looked through the blog. I couldn't figure out how to change modes!

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