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February 2013

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Welcome to the blog

Since I've started publishing my work, I was able to sustain the one release per month schedule. This month I'm launching this site to help me stay connected with the users of my software. I'm going to provide news and updates here, and also try to share a bit of my internal thought behind the stuff that I make. I'm always open for discussion, so if you've got some cool ideas for the site, or even for the plugins, feel free to share the on the forums.

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    My name is Alexander Petrov-Savchenko and this is my personal website dedicated to the software audio effects. Currently I'm employed as a software engineer in a large international company, but in my spare time I do my own research in the digital audio field. My interest in digital signal processing began back in my university days and was a natural extension of my hobbies - music, electric guitar, programming and my math backgroud.